Panama police arrested a Bulgarian national carrying a large quantity of cocaine on February 20, Focus news agency reported. The 29-year-old, whose last name was withheld, was carrying the drug in a secret compartment in his suitcase, and was arrested at Panama City's Tocumen international airport. He was traveling to Valencia, in Spain, which is believed to have been his final destination, Focus news agency said, quoting local news website Terra. Panama authorities have arrested several Bulgarians over recent months on drug-related charges as they continue their war on drugs. The Bulgarian was is part of a joint programme by the Panama national police and airport authorities to combat drug trafficking. In January, police in the Latin American country arrested another two Bulgarians, aged 36 and 39, who were though to be part of an organized crime group smuggling cocaine from Columbia to Western Europe via Panama. Another Bulgarian national, believed to be involved in smuggling drugs from Latin America into Europe in yachts, was shot in Panama in November.


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